Types of Septic Systems: A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best for Your Mobile, AL Home

Types of Septic Systems: A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best for Your Mobile, AL Home

Septic systems play an integral role in wastewater management for homes in Mobile, Alabama. These systems efficiently treat and dispose of household sewage while protecting both the environment and public health. But not all septic systems are created equal.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore different types of septic systems available – both new and older models – to assist you in making an ideal decision. If you’re looking for expert assistance, our septic tank services in Mobile, AL can help ensure that you choose a system tailored to your specific needs.

Introduce Septic Systems

Typically found in areas without access to municipal sewage treatment plants, septic systems decentralize wastewater treatment. These systems use underground tanks and drain fields to treat wastewater before dispersing it back into the soil.

Selecting the ideal septic system depends on several variables, including soil type, property size, local regulations, and personal preferences. Mobile, Alabama, offers homeowners various septic system options, each with its own advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before making a choice.

Different Types Of Septic Systems

Now let us explore different types of septic systems.

Old Types Of Septic Systems

Traditional Gravity Systems

Gravity septic systems are among the oldest and most prevalent septic system types available today, using gravity to move wastewater through their system. Here’s how they work:

Septic Tank: The process begins in a septic tank, in which solid waste settles at the bottom, and liquid effluent rises up through its system to be processed by bacteria present within it. 

Distribution System: Once liquid has reached a certain level in the septic tank, it flows out through underground pipes into the drain field for disposal.

Drain Field: Effluent from the treatment facility is further treated in a drain field as it percolates through soil where natural bacteria break down pathogens and contaminants that could otherwise contaminate it.

Pressure Distribution Systems

Pressure distribution systems advance traditional gravity systems by using a pump to disperse effluent evenly throughout the drain field. This design facilitates better treatment and prevents soil oversaturation, making them ideal for properties with challenging soil conditions or steep terrain.

Alternative Septic System 

Aerobic Treatment Units (ATUs)

Aerobic treatment units offer an alternative to traditional septic systems. They introduce oxygen into the treatment process, encouraging aerobic bacteria that are more adept at breaking down waste to proliferate. ATUs consist of three main components.

Pretreatment Tank: Similar to a septic tank, this container separates solids and liquids.

Aeration Chamber: Here, oxygen is supplied to accelerate aerobic digestion and expedite the breakdown of organic matter.

Clarification Chamber: Effluent must first be further clarified prior to its disposal into a drain field.

Mound Systems 

Mound systems are alternative septic solutions designed for properties with inadequate soil depth or high water tables. These systems use an elevated mound of soil to facilitate wastewater treatment. The key components of a mound system include:

Septic Tank: Similar to conventional systems, septic tanks separate solids from liquids.

Pump Chamber: Effluent is transported from the septic tank to the mound by pump.

Mound: Mounds constructed using sand or gravel are constructed in order to provide sufficient treatment as effluent percolates through them.

Mound systems can be effective solutions in locations with limited space for traditional drain fields; however, their installation and ongoing maintenance costs may make this an expensive proposition.

Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation systems are an innovative septic system design that distributes effluent directly into the soil via a network of pipes with small emitters. This gradual release allows for effective treatment while limiting the risk of soil saturation, making this option suitable for properties with limited space and difficult soil conditions.

Selecting the Appropriate Septic System for Your Mobile, Alabama Home

Deciding upon an ideal septic system for your Mobile home in Alabama can be a crucial decision. Here are some important factors that need to be considered. If you find the process overwhelming, Roto-Rooter Mobile AL professionals are here to help guide you through your options.

Soil Type

Your property’s soil plays a huge role in choosing a septic system. Some systems work better on sandy soils, while others may work best with clayey or loamy ones. Conducting a soil test will assess its permeability and guide your choice.

Property Size and Layout

Your property size and layout can have an effect on which type of septic system would best serve your needs. If you have limited space, you may prefer alternative systems like drip irrigation or mound systems. Larger properties can more easily accommodate traditional gravity systems.

Local Regulations

Mobile, AL, has specific regulations regarding septic system installation and maintenance that must be observed to remain compliant with these laws. Therefore, it’s crucial that consultation be held with local authorities as well as obtaining all of the necessary permits before beginning work on any system.

Environmental Implications

Before choosing a septic system, consider its environmental impacts. Modern systems such as aerobic treatment units offer advanced treatment capabilities while decreasing potential damage to the environment.

Maintenance Requirements

Septic systems come with different maintenance needs. Conventional systems tend to need less upkeep, while more complex septic tanks, such as ATUs, may require regular servicing and inspections. When making your choice, take note of any ongoing costs related to maintenance when considering your options.

Final Thoughts

Mobile, AL homeowners have various choices when selecting a septic system for their home. From traditional gravity systems to alternative solutions like aerobic treatment units, mound systems, or drip irrigation systems – understanding each option and its pros and cons are crucial steps toward making an informed decision.

Roto-Rooter’s Plumbing experts can help you to choose and install a septic system at your place. We will consider your unique needs before giving advice. Call us now at 251-479-9454!