Why is Your Hot Water Heater Not Working And How To Fix It

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as turning on the tap, expecting a soothing stream of hot water, only to be greeted with a blast of cold. If this scenario sounds familiar, don’t panic. Hot water heaters are essential household appliances that play an integral part in our daily lives, yet sometimes encounter issues.  In this comprehensive guide, we will explore why your hot water heater might not be functioning and provide solutions to restore it back into service; whether that […]

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How to Care for Your Septic System

How To Care For Your Septic System

Imagine this: beneath your feet is an unsung hero quietly working hard at keeping the waste flowing smoothly from your household. Your septic system, often forgotten about and taken for granted, plays an invaluable role in maintaining an atmosphere conducive to health and hygiene in your environment. Much like superheroes require care and maintenance to perform at their peak performance levels – in today’s blog, we’ll delve into this world, covering everything from installation services, septic tank pumping, pumping services, […]

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how to prevent house winter sewer gas smell

Preventing And Dealing With Sewer Smells During Winter Times

  As winter sets in, homeowners often face an unexpected and unpleasant challenge: sewer gas smells in the house. This issue, especially noticeable during colder weather months, can disrupt living comfort while raising health and safety concerns. Understanding why and addressing any causes behind such smells are critical to live in an odor-free home this season. The experts at Roto-Rooter Mobile will walk you through the steps to identify, prevent, and eliminate sewer gas smells in winter, ensuring your home […]

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Frozen Pipes: What to Do – A Comprehensive Guide

Are you asking yourself, “Frozen pipes, what to do?” You’ve come to the right spot. In this guide, we’ll provide you with detailed steps and advice for handling frozen pipes effectively. As temperatures fall during winter months, homeowners face an ever-present risk: water pipes freezing. While this may seem like just another minor inconvenience, it could potentially have severe repercussions for the plumbing system. Frozen pipes can disrupt your regular water supply, creating significant challenges in carrying out daily household […]

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water heater setting in winter

Winter Water Heater Settings & Common Issues

As winter’s icy fingers tighten their grip, our yearning for cozy homes and soothing warm showers intensifies. Yet, amidst the picturesque snowfall and the charm of winter evenings, a silent warrior, our trusty water heater often goes unnoticed.  Picture this: the shivers that run down your spine as you step into a frigid shower, the reluctant wait for lukewarm water that never quite hits the mark, and the anxiety of unexpected breakdowns in the heart of winter. It’s in these […]

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mold remediation

What is Mold Remediation: Do You Need It For Your Alabama Home?

Mold remediation is a crucial process that homeowners often overlook until it becomes a visible issue. However, in Alabama, where humidity can soar and contribute to mold growth, understanding what mold remediation is and when it’s necessary is key to maintaining a healthy home environment. Here, we are going to shed light on this process and why it is required, especially in Alabama. What is Mold Remediation? Mold remediation is the procedure of removing and cleaning mold in a way […]

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