What Size Water Heater Do I Need?

What Size Water Heater Do I Need?

Do you find yourself running the water for a few minutes before it gets hot? Or does your shower feel like a drizzle? These are signs that you might need a new water heater. The good news is that there are several simple steps you can take to determine which size water heater is best for your home and needs.

Get a water heater that can handle your usage.

  • Don’t get a water heater that is too small for your household.
  • Don’t get a water heater that is too big for your household.
  • Get a water heater that is just right for your household.

Know how much hot water you need.

To get an idea of how much hot water you need, you can use a calculator that estimates the amount of energy used to heat the water in your home. The U.S. Department of Energy has a calculator on its website that helps homeowners estimate their hot water usage.

Several factors affect how much hot water you will use:

  • Number of people who live in your home
  • Number and size of bathrooms in your house (the more bathrooms, the greater chance one will be occupied when someone else needs hot water)
  • Time spent showering or bathing each day (showers generally require more gallons than baths)

Allow room for growth.

You should also consider the fact that you may have a growing family in the future. Your water heater needs to be large enough to handle their needs and yours, too. So, while it’s important not to oversize your water heater, it also doesn’t hurt to buy one that’s slightly bigger than what you think you’ll need today. If your family has grown significantly since you first bought your house or you’ve renovated your bathroom then it might be worth considering going with a larger tank size.

Research water heater size before buying.

Before you start shopping, it’s important to do some research, so you know exactly what size water heater will work best for your home. You’ll need to consider how many people are in your household and how much hot water they use regularly. If there are more than two people in the household who like hot showers, consider buying a larger tank that can hold more gallons of hot water at once.

The number of bathrooms is also an important factor when determining which size water heater would be most effective for your needs. If multiple showers happen throughout the day, then it might be worth investing in something larger like a 50-gallon or even 80-gallon model depending on how often everyone uses their showering facilities!

A water heater is an investment that can last decades, and it’s important to choose the right size for your needs. We hope this guide has helped you understand some of the factors in sizing a water heater and how much hot water you need at home. If you’re still unsure about which model is right for your home or business, talk to a professional who can help guide you through the process. Whether it’s finding new plumbing equipment or upgrading from an outdated system, we have experts on hand who are happy to assist by calling (251) 219-0633.