How to Tell if You are Having Plumbing Issues in Your Home

How to Tell if You are Having Plumbing Issues in Your Home

As a homeowner, you are bound to face a number of different issues with your house at some point in time. These issues can range from electrical problems, weather damage, breaking appliances and much more. One of the most common issues homeowners are faced with are those involving their home’s plumbing system. We’ve all dealt with a leaky pipe or clogged toilet before, but wouldn’t it be great to know in advance whether or not you are facing a plumbing problem before it becomes a larger issue? At Roto Rooter, we want to make sure you are well-prepared for any and all plumbing matters, so we’ve compiled a list of common problems that may arise.

Low Water Pressure

One common annoyance in homes is the lack of strong water pressure. There’s not much worse than a shower head that barely rinses the shampoo out of your hair, or a sink that barely lets out any water. If you begin to notice bad or worsening water pressure, it may be a sign of a larger issue within your home’s plumbing system.

Slow Drains

Another issue many people face is slow drainage throughout their home. If no amount of drain cleaner seems to solve your problem, it is likely that there are deeper, underlying issues than just a simple clog. In this case, it may be time to call your plumber to assess the root cause.

Bad Odor

If you begin to notice a foul odor in your home that is not caused by sitting trash or other common sources, it is possible that there is a block or break in your sewer line. Pay attention to where the smell is coming from; if it gets worse near your kitchen or bathroom sinks and drains, there may be a problem only a plumber can solve.

Toilets That Clog Easily

Everyone has dealt with a clogged toilet before, but if you find yourself dealing with this issue frequently, the issue may lie within the pipes. A septic system or clogged sewer pipe can actually lead to toilets getting clogged for seemingly no reason.

Discolored Water

If you notice brown, green, or yellow water, there is likely a serious plumbing issue at hand. Not only is the sight of discolored water alarming, but it’s also an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. This discoloration can be caused by rust in your pipes, a leaking pipe or a pipe that is about to burst.

If you have noticed any number of the above issues, or you’re dealing with a unique problem, make sure to give Roto Rooter a call at (251) 219-0633.  We proudly serve the Mobile, AL area and are more than happy to help address any plumbing issue you throw our way!