How to Clean a Toilet Tank

How to Clean a Toilet Tank

The bathroom is one of the most important places in our lives that we need to keep clean. We can ensure that bacterias are kept under control by keeping restrooms clean of the microorganisms that can cause a variety of ailments. Since we dispose of our waste in toilets, it is important to keep them clean because, if we are not careful, bacteria and germs can quickly spread to other areas of our homes.

Even in an office, toilets need to be sanitized frequently. In an office, dirty restrooms are likely to have a negative impact on productivity. This could result in sicknesses, which would result in staff absences. 

It’s imperative to clean your toilet, and while doing so is quite simple, you might be forgetting to clean another important component of this bathroom requirement, the toilet tank. Regular cleaning includes wiping off the exterior, but the tank’s interior needs to be maintained as well for the fixture to last over time. Cleaning your toilet tanks can stop rust and mildew from accumulating.

Cleaning the Toilet Tank

The two primary components of hands-on cleaning are soaking the tank to get rid of stains and washing the tank and its components to get rid of accumulated dirt.

After removing the lid, peek inside, if you see any built-up of grime or dirt. If you do, take five cups of vinegar and pour it into the tank. Allow this to soak for up to an hour. Before scrubbing, close the water supply valve, which is either on the floor or behind the toilet, on the wall.

Then flush the toilet, once the tank is empty, flush the toilet once more. To get rid of any remaining water in the tank’s bottom, use a sponge. Spray a bleach-free disinfectant liberally inside the tank to remove general dirt and grime, then let it sit for 15 minutes to dry. The tank should be cleaned with a scrub brush, and the interior of the tank should be cleaned with paper towels.

You will eliminate bacteria and germs that cause various ailments by frequently cleaning the toilet tank regularly. 

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