Hurricane Season Water Safety Tips   Share

by Greg Smith, Roto-Rooter of Mobile

Now that hurricane season is here, it’s time to make sure that you have your disaster plan in
place. Part of that plan involves making sure that your family has sufficient safe drinking water
following the aftermath of a storm, as well as a supply of water to use for flushing toilets if
something occurs that results in damage to your water lines.

Potential Hurricane-Related Water Problems

If your area experiences severe damage as a result of a hurricane, there is a possibility that
the water supply could experience contamination for a short period of time during and after
the storm. There is also always a chance that an uprooted tree or other storm-related damage
could result in damage to water lines, making it impossible for you to access running water at
your home until debris can be cleared and repairs can be made.

Preparing for Safe Drinking Water

Many people purchase bottled water as part of their storm preparation efforts. This can
certainly be a good way to make sure that you have access to safe drinking water during and
after a storm, but it is not the only option.

If purchasing bottled water is an expense that you’d rather avoid, you can store tap water in
clean containers to use for drinking purposes. Simply fill pitchers, food storage containers and
other similar types of household containers with water in advance of the storm.

Pay close attention to any warnings issued in the aftermath of a storm, being careful to avoid
drinking tap water if there is any concern about the safety of your water supply.

Ensuring Access to Flushable Water

One of the best ways to ensure that you have access to water than can be used to flush your
toilets is simply to fill the bathtubs in your home with water in advance of the storm. Water
stored in this manner should not be used for drinking or washing dishes, but it is fine to use to
flush the toilets.

Plan Ahead for Hurricane Season Safety

While water safety tips are not the only thing to consider when putting a plan in place for
hurricane season, they are certainly an important consideration. To learn more about the
other important tropical weather preparation steps, see the Federal Emergency Management
Agency’s (FEMA) page.

About the Author

Greg Smith is President of Roto-Rooter of Mobile, Alabama. The company provides industrial,
commercial and residential plumbing repair services, including video pipe inspection,
throughout Mobile, Baldwin and Washington counties in Alabama.